Luvinia Online

Luvinia Online

Walkthrough and review of Luvinia Online

Luvinia Online, the latest addition of Outspark, which already has 5 game titles under their belt. The 5 games are:

  • Fiesta Online
  • Project Powder
  • Seven Dragons
  • Lord of Ages
  • Call of Gods

With a different varieties of games to choose from, we are basically spoilt for choice.

Luvinia Online is a new free-to-play 3D fantasy MMORPG from Outspark, with unique subclasses for specialization, hundreds of maps to explore, variety of in-game events, and unlimited fun.

The world of Luvinia beckons players into a realm where humans, orcs, gnomes and dwarves once co-existed in peace; however, destiny never stands still. The stars that once shined brightly over the humans now fade as the hearts of the other races turn against them. With the help of the Victoria Institute, heroes from across the land will challenge fate to take up their weapons and fight for their land against treacherous invaders. Will you answer the call and make your destiny in the stars?

Luvinia Online – Character Creation

luvinia online character creation

There are a total of 8 features that can be used to enhance your character.

  • Nationality
  • Gender
  • Constellation
  • Face
  • Hairstyle
  • Hair Color
  • Character Voice
  • Character Name

I have layout the nationality so that you can have a better understanding to made an informed decision of choosing your side.

Empire Federal
Moon Kingdom Roderue Cloud Kingdom Snalter
Sea Kingdom Borfielt Sky Kingdom Malander
Wind Kingdom Mentephy Star Kingdom Pureaen

Mouse over each individual kingdom to see what it has to offer. As a newcomer to the game, I did not have any clues how it might have any impact in the game, but I choose Sea Kingdom Borfielt simply because I love the sands and the sea.

Character Voice
One of the most unique feature is the ability to change your character voices. It would be awesome if we will able to upload our own unique voices!

Game Interface

The Game Interface has a very systematically and user friendly layout. I was able to access all the character information, profession and skill books, bags and luggage with no problem.

Every interactive icons have a tooltip which I love it, each tooltip clearly explains the functions of it.

The map has a function whereby you are able to use “Auto Move” to get to your desired NPCs and locations in town automatically.

luvinia online emoticonsEmoticons – A fun way to interact with your character.

luvinia online bagsI wonder if a 20 bag slot is sufficient enough?

luvinia online game helpOnline game help.

luvinia online character infoTons of stuff to digest in the character information.


At the start of the game, you will need to talk to NPC “Antonia” and he will give  you the first quest.

luvinia online quest

Upon receiving the quest, you will be given the chance to choose your class! I choose to be a warrior because I love melee combats and I bet they look cooler with those shiny armors.

luvinia online first questKilling 4 bunnies for my first quest, aren’t they cute!

luvinia online bunnyPoor Bunnies…

Moving around the game is definitely easy, you are able to use the “W”,”A”,”S”,”D” keys, your mouse to navigate and turn different camera views. Picking up items is a breeze by using the “Space Bar”.

luvinia online fierce blowMy First Skill – Fierce Blow

luvinia online squirrelSo many squirrels!

I have find tons of features inside the game that allows newcomers like me to settle down faster in the game in the shortest possible time.

All the mobs in the starting area are non-aggro type, simply means I am able to move around, admiring the screnery, without the mobs attacking me first.

While I am busily doing my quests, I noticed that quests are tracked on the right side of the screen, tracking my progress. When you click on the red names or objects in the quest list, you will be directed automatically to the NPC or objects that are required for the quest.

My Verdict

Luvinia Online may not be the most graphic intensive game available in the market but its numerous customization options makes it stand out from the crowd, and is beginning a trademark of all Shanda Games.

Another big draw to the game is the robust equipment and enchanting system present in the game. There are a variety of ways to acquire equipment in game, from crafting, to questing, to monster drops, to raising your fame. Through and enhancing system, these items can be raised to even higher levels of power. Added to that are energy stones that imbue weapons with special abilities for a limited time. Along with all of that, a unique feature is the cards that can be slotted into equipment to specialize your stats. These cards are highly sought after and acquired by the bravest of heroes.

The key settings are a key addition to the game as for almost all the functions, skills, etc, you have complete control to tie down all to the shortcut keys that you desired.

Luvinia Online is an anime style MMORPG designed to suit both the casual and hardcore crowd. With its frequent content update, I am pretty sure it will carve out its niche on its own in the MMORPG World!


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